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1 /58" brown cuff white stitching
brown leather cuff snaps
stitching detail
wristband sizing chart

1 5/8" Brown Leather Wristband with White Stitching

$ 29.40 

Stunning classic brown 1 5/8" wide leather cuff wristband with white stitching.  A perfect accessory for men and woman. The brown leather matches very well with the white stitching and both are superb examples of what can be made with excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials. 

The stitching follows a crease in the leather so it actually lays flush on the leather and won't snag or fray.  With professionally treated and sealed black edges and brass snaps to complete the cuff, you'll be able to enjoy the cuff for many years.  The leather will age to a vintage patina.