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Now you can own a professional quality punk style leather belt. Each belt is a hand made, solid piece of genuine natural top grain leather, not a bonded or sewn synthetic that falls apart. Great care goes into each leather belt as they are hand oiled, dyed, and then protective finishing coats are expertly applied to assure long life of your investment.

Every belt is custom made for men's and woman's sizing, and virtually all sizes are available for purchase. The hardware is top quality, using either chrome or nickel plating on brass, so no rusting.

Leatherpunk's unique belts are just slightly wider than an inch (1.25" wide to be exact). Perfect for pants with narrow belt loops and still sturdy enough to provide the support you expect from a belt. This style provides a distinct punk look that can either be a subtle accessory or a centerpiece to your ensemble.

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Plain Black Leather Belt

$39.90 Buy This Item

Black Leather Belt

Plain Brown Leather Belt

$42.90 Buy This Item

Brown Leather Belt

Pyramid Studded Leather Belt

$49.90 Buy This Item

Pyramid Studded Leather Belt

Hex Studded Leather Belt

$44.90 Buy This Item

Hex Studded Leather Belt

Dome Studded Leather Belt

$49.90 Buy This Item

Dome Spot Studded Leather Belt

You can always request a custom made leather belt, send an email with a description for a prompt reply!




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