Why American Leather?

If you've read some of the product descriptions on Leatherpunk, you no doubt have seen mention of the fact that the leather I use is All American leather.  Perhaps two questions come to your mind: What exactly is all American leather, and why should I care?

It's more than just a matter of pride, to be sure.  All American, by my definition, means that the animal (cow) was raised in the US and that the tannery that processed the hide into usable leather, was also based in the US.  More and more rawhide is being imported from places like Argentina or Brazil. So, while the tannery may be on US soil, the material they are working with has been purchased in overseas markets. 

Why should it matter?  Simply put, American cattle live in better conditions, live longer, and tend to be larger than the world average.  This means you have a higher percentage of very good quality leather to work with, less deep gouges, and can create longer lasting leather products.

In the end, it's not just a preference, its a matter of necessity.


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