World's Strongest Belt, Proven!

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Special Sale On Leatherpunk's Newest Item

These swivel spring clip key rings are a great way to keep your keys safe and secure.  This Memorial weekend Leatherpunk is offering them to you at half price!  Take advantage of this high quality offer while it's here! 

Leather Key Ring

Now With Softer Leather!

I'm very excited to announce LP is using an entirely different type of leather for wristbands, bracelets, watchbands and chokers.  This is pretty big news for Leatherpunk!  The new leather is totally custom made just for Leatherpunk by a really great bunch of folks who have worked hard to understand my products.  The new leather is much softer than LP original leather, but still retains many of the visually appealing properties that have dominated LP products for years.  It even smells good.

New Softer Leather!!!

Studded Armbands!

New Armbands from Leatherpunk! Fully adjustable for a perfect fit! 

Studded Leather Armbands

Thank You

Well, another year is coming to an end.  I'm always thinking about the future, so this is that rare time I reflect on the past.  I want to thank everybody who has supported LP for so long.  It's hard to believe it's been 15 years!  There's much to look forward to in the new year, be sure to check back often!  Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY 2017! From Leatherpunk

Double Weave Wristbands Are Back

After an almost two year hiatus, the double weave wristbands are back!  The truth is, they simply got lost in the shuffle when the website was rebuilt.  This classic look is refined with many details such as tapered straps, finished edges, and hand dyed leather goodness.  The addition of optional rivets is new and gives a contrasting look. See these and others in the weave section.

Weave Wristband

Happy Halloween from Leatherpunk

Happy Halloween, Earthlings! Muahaha!

The Hunter S. Or the Johnny Depp? What's the Difference?

A bit of history about the Hunter S. Thompson wristband, as it relates to Leatherpunk:  I'm obviously not the original creator of this cuff, Hunter was photographed wearing it in the 1990s and perhaps earlier.

When I first started doing leather work in 2002, this piece was custom requested numerous times in my first few months of opening Leatherpunk, (even though I didn't sell it or have photos of it on my website).  As it's popularity became apparent, the wristband was added as a standard product at Leatherpunk in 2003.

Now here's where things get confusing, and even I have recently had to backtrack on my claims.  In the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the version worn by Johnny Depp fastens with buckles, or rather, one buckle.  The version worn by Hunter S. Thompson uses snaps to close.  Both have the same stud pattern.  (Johnny Depp was also known to wear a double strapped buckling cuff off-stage, but he has since retired it)

I offer both styles, (plus the off-stage Depp version)and your choice of black or brown leather. 


So, to clarify, this is the actual Hunter S. version, this is the Johnny Depp version in his portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson.  Both are the same width (2") and the only difference between the two is the fasteners.

First Giveaway A Success, More To Come

If you aren't a fan of the Leatherpunk page on Facebook, be sure to hit that like button and stay subscribed!  My promise to you is this:

  • I won't post often.  Rather than posting several times a day, I only post a few times a month.

  • My posts will be meaningful and original.  I don't recycle other stuff I find, it's all my own photography and ideas. 

  • I give stuff away for free!  I just awarded five people with free studded bracelets.  You'll only know about it if you're subscribed...

So stay tuned in and be part of the action!

5 winners getting free bracelets

New Fall Color! Chestnut Brown Leather Belt

New chestnut brown leather is an excellent option to traditional black leather belts. Made to last!  See it here!

Brown leather belt

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