Leathershop News March 2020

What's going on at Leatherpunk you ask?  You guys are keeping me busy in the shop, that's for sure, but I'm still finding time to try new things and develop new products.  For instance:

Black Studs!  These are not painted, they're a steel pyramid with black oxide treatment;  A chemical reaction which changes the color of the metal, so there's nothing to scratch off.  Specially made just for Leatherpunk and found nowhere else. Not a matte black, but close.

Casio 1335 back in stock!  This is a favorite at Leatherpunk and looks fantastic on the 2" watch cuff!  Casio is a great brand and these watches will last for many years.

Skull Belts!  Loving the way these belts look with this skull concho arrangement.  Made from thick quality zinc!


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