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Leather Bracelet With Black Studs
Black Snap Fastener, Black Pyramid Studs Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet with Black Pyramid Studs

$ 24.90 
SKU: BRBL001-1

Here's a well crafted leather bracelet featuring LP's very own high quality black pyramid studs and a matching black snap fastener. These pyramids are different than any other black studs you'll find. Made from steel, their black color is the result of a black oxide treatment, rather than paint. The black color of the studs is non glossy.  It would be accurate to describe the studs as flat black, but not quite matte black. 

The bracelet is 3/4" wide (2.2 cm) made from hand dyed full grain leather, with beveled and sealed edges, and snap closure with black cap. Please note, regarding the snaps, only the cap is black, the other components of the snaps are a silver tone.