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Black Leather Belt with Black Pyramid studs and Black buckle
Belt with Black Oxide treated steel Pyramid studs
Black "PVD" buckle

Black Pyramids (3 rows), Matte Black Buckle, Black Leather Belt 1.5"

$ 149.90 

This unique 1.5" black studded belt is at the forefront of Leatherpunk quality, featuring black studs, black buckle, and rich full grain black leather. 

First, let's talk studs: Pyramids are 3/8" diameter, made from black oxide steel. The blackness was the hardest aspect to figure out and took almost a year to get it right.  Since the black studs on the market didn't meet my quality expectations, either the color was too light or they were merely painted black, I decided to have studs specially made just for Leatherpunk.  The process is a chemical reaction known as Black Oxide treatment, so it doesn't add extra dimension to the studs the way paint would.  Black Oxide is commonly used in automotive parts, construction materials, gun clips, fasteners and other steel products that need a black protective coating.  Leatherpunk is the only belt maker using this reliable and durable type of pyramid stud.

Next is the black buckle:  This is a solid brass roller buckle with a matte black PVD coating (same style as the 1A buckle).  What you need to know about Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is that it's a super strong coating process that will last a very long time!  And like most LP belts, the buckle is also removable, but with one exception, I use black matching PVD Chicago screws, an upgrade from the snaps that are on the nickel and chrome studded belts. 

The other belts at LP which use the shiny chrome studs are flashy and draw attention, but sometimes you want a more subdued look to your ensemble.  I think this belt does a good job of conveying that, while still benefiting from the textured look of the pyramid studs.