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LP watch cuff with casio mtp 1370 watch face

2 Inch Wide Watch Cuff, Black Leather, Casio 1335

$ 199.90 

***CASIO 1335 IS OUT OF STOCK, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CASIO 1370 INSTEAD***This two inch wide leather watch cuff has an interesting configuration of thin and thick pieces of leather with low profile Chicago screws to secure the watch face.   Heavy duty stainless steel watch buckle fitted for a 22 mm strap professionally fitted.

This includes the analog Casio 1335, featuring a high quality mineral glass cover and polished brass case, also displays day of the month and day of the week.  This is a complete leather watchband and timepiece combination, and you are receiving a discount on the watch face.  For that reason, the stainless steel band originally attached to the watch face will not be sent with your order.