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Three inch watch cuff with Casio© timepiece
Watch face is interchangeable
Double buckle, brass
instructions, warranty card, and original band included

Men's 3" Wide Black Leather Watch Cuff

$ 124.80 
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This complete, ready-to-wear 3 inch wide leather watch cuff, with Casio® timepiece, is an excellent choice when you require your gear to withstand the rigors of day to day wear while maintaining performance and appearance.

The black full grain leather compliments the black dial, 2 brass buckles secure the cuff(3/4" wide straps), and professional edges throughout demonstrate quality and comfort.  The snaps make it super easy to remove the timepiece without taking out pins. 

If you want to go back to wearing this watch with it's original metal band, no problem! You'll receive all original materials, warranty card, instructions, etc.  This timepiece is a common size, so you can easily match up the cuff with a different watch, too. 

A great watch cuff demands a great watch, Leatherpunk has both just for you.