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LP's die-cut smart watch leather cuff
smart watch straps in open position
1 inch buckle and strap for smart watch
example of smart watch mounted to leather cuff

LP's Die-Cut Leather Cuff for Smart Watch

$ 74.90 
SKU: w002fa-1

NEW! Finally, a professionally made leather watch cuff just for your smart watch! The main feature you'll notice is the circular opening. This allows your wrist to be in physical contact with the watch's sensors. The die-cut opening can accommodate almost any smart watch. Don't worry, when a watch is mounted in place, the circular opening is not visible.

Cuff width
2", tapering to 1"

Sensor opening
28 mm diameter

Buckle and strap
1" wide

Watch straps
Tri-fold configuration with segmented snaps (nickel/brass)

Full grain natural leather, black

Measuring 2" wide, the cuff then tapers down to 1" for the strap and buckle. Instead of attaching separate straps for the buckle, this LP original has been tapered with the use of a special cutting die. This process makes the strap, buckle, and the main part of the cuff, all one continuous, unified wristband. Not always needed in a regular wristband, but for a watch cuff, the die cut feature reduces bulk and frees up space to accommodate the smart watch.

The die cut design is especially helpful for people with smaller wrists as the watch and its fittings take up a lot of space, there's very little room remaining to fit buckles and straps as separate pieces. Plus, it just looks much more streamlined and it gives your wrist more mobility by having it taper down.

The segmented style snaps allow you to instantly access/remove your smart watch from the cuff without any tools. The center-bar style buckle is made from solid brass with a nickel plating and has an inside measurement of 1". Made from full grain natural leather.

Important Info
In the photo below, you see the ideal fittings to successfully attach the watch to the cuff. Be sure to accurately measure the span of the cross bar (known as a pin) so it matches perfectly with the straps. If your watch doesn't have an open gap to allow the leather to slip through, then you'll need a set of adapters first.

smart watch with adapters