Freddie Mercury Style Studded Leather Armband


$ 32.90 

This armband is FREE for a limited time, when you purchase the Freddie Mercury Belt.  Must add both items to your cart, then use coupon code "FM". 

A precision made leather armband 3/4 wide with 3/8" pyramid studs.  One of the finest on the market and versatile!  You can wear it like a traditional armband (the upper area of the bicep and triceps, just like Freddie), or you can wear it outside of heavy clothing on the lower part of you arm,  like a wristband.

Unlike the simple snap armbands, this Freddie Mercury armband is fitted with a buckle, which provides a wider range of sizing options so that you get a precision, comfortable fit, and it won't fall off.

Featuring a high quality nickel plated brass center bar buckle, chrome plated brass pyramid studs, 3/8" size set on a 3/4" full grain leather strap.

Sizing is simple: Small, Medium and Large.  Small is for woman or very thin men, medium for slender to average men, large for men with muscular arms. 

Check out the new Freddie Mercury Leather Belt!