Info you should know about Leatherpunk Belts

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 3 Steps To Selecting The Correct Size Belt

Please be aware that when you order a belt from Leatherpunk, it's tailor made just for you.  Therefore, it is very important that you select the correct size for your waist. DON'T GUESS, KNOW! It only takes a minute

 1.  Watch this 60 second video.

2.  Measure your waist with a tailors tape.  If you don't have one, improvise.  Wrap it about 1.5 inches below your belly button. 

3.  Subtract 3 from your waist measurements and that's the size belt you should indicate(this is usually going to be the same as your US men's pants size).  For example:  If your waist measured 37 inches, subtracting 3 will give you 34.  In this example, you would want to order a size 34 belt and you probably wear size 34 jeans, too.

Email me with any questions, if you're not sure.




"Every man eventually reaches that point in his life when he becomes sick and tired of walking around all day constantly pulling up his pants."

Ergo, the leather belt was invented.  A good leather belt is something you can depend on, it stays with you and becomes part of your life more than ANY article of clothing.  Your belt forms to your body shape, and to yours alone.  There's an unspoken bond, because, like you, your belt is greater than the sum of its parts.
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