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2 Inch Leather Watch Cuff with Casio Timepiece

2 Inch Watch Cuff, With Timepiece

$ 159.90 
SKU: w001fa-1

*Casio 1335 is out of stock and is substituted for the Casio 1370 model* This is a great watch cuff for anybody who wants a simple design and a reliable timepiece combined into a ready to wear leather accessory.  This leather cuff measures 2 inches wide and features adjustable snap fasteners for your wrist. The timepiece is secured to the cuff with 20 mm wide straps which are folded and held with segmented snaps. This makes it very easy to remove and service the timepiece.  The Casio 1335 shown in the photo is the exact model you will receive with this watch cuff.  Additional timepiece features:  Mineral glass cover, 50 meter water resist, day and date aperture.  Read more about the Casio MTP-1335.