Premium Belt Loop Replacement


$ 10.90 

***One belt loop already included with each LP belt***

These black leather belt loops, or strap keepers, are a premium hand made, hand dyed replacement for your broken or missing belt loop.  Strap width is 1/2 inch (16 mm) and made from full grain leather.  Select your belt width. 

No metals are used on these loops.  Inferior belt loops bind the ends together with staples.  I found that staples are too brittle and thus prone to corrosion and breakage.  Instead, I use a heavy upholstery thread, triple threaded, knotted, then sealed with an adhesive.  Going one step further, I took a woodworking approach and cut the ends of the leather at an angle so that they come together just like a miter joint, which gives added stability. 

As of 2020, I've been making these loops like this for over two years and have found no one else who puts the attention to detail in them as I do, so I hope you enjoy.  Any size, one price!