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Authentic Freddie Mercury Leather Belt
Freedie Mercury Star Studded belt with dome studs
10 point star prongs

Freddie Mercury Studded Leather Belt

$ 375.00 

The first and only professional grade Freddie Mercury star studded leather belt is now available.   There's so much to tell about this belt, I really don't know where to begin!

  • 1.5" wide full grain black leather, custom made for Leatherpunk

  • Removable buckle and removable strap keeper

  • 1" star studs, nickel, 3/8" dome studs, chrome

  • Eyelets are 11mm diameter.

What makes this belt so iconic are the star studs that line the length of the belt.  Each stud is carefully examined and set entirely by hand, there are no machines capable of doing this task. Cheaper star studs use only one central post, which allows the stars to rotate out of position (not what you want).  The star studs on this belt are each set with 10 prongs to hold it in position so the star studs never rotate.

Now you can have your own professionally tailored Freddie Mercury leather belt.  When ordering, you will first receive a test belt to make absolutely certain of your correct size.  The pricing on this belt is admittedly steep, but it reflects accordingly based on the tremendous amount of time and effort to complete.  To that end, this belt cannot be returned, refunded, or even exchanged for a different size.  The sizing will be verified with the test belt.