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huge tree spikes on leather wristband
each spike is almost 3 inches long

Huge Tree Spiked Leather Wristband

$ 70.90 
SKU: Sp-0100j

They're huge. They're heavy. They have sharp points. This wristband takes giant tree spikes to the next level. You will instantly command attention wherever you go with this wristband. Great for cosplay, but made with the same quality expectations as other LP products. 

Each spike measures a massive 2.75" height with a 0.75" base diameter and uses a screw to fasten against the leather. The wristband is made from black full grain leather and uses two sets of snaps for an adjustable fit. Beautiful edge work and detailing throughout.  The leather measures 1.75" width. 

Caution should be exercised when wearing or handling this wristband. Do not wear while intoxicated. There is serious risk of injury to yourself and others, with a particular risk of eye injury. Expect many venues and establishments to prohibit this wristband, please use mature discretion. Leatherpunk is not responsible for any injuries or loss of any kind. Not intended for people under 21 yrs old. May be illegal in your area.