1 5/8" Wide Plain Black Leather Wristband


$ 21.90 

This is a 1 5/8" wide plain black leather wristband, with snap closures. This wristband has been a favorite at Leatherpunk for years because it is both simple and elegant.

This wristband showcases what Leatherpunk does well.  Fine detailing doesn't need to look busy! The edges have been beveled and sealed for an ultra finished look and feel.  This wristband is cut from premium sections of the cowhide to ensure that the leather takes the dye well and the edges respond nicely to treatment.  Of course, you can expect this same quality throughout the entire LP collection.

Also, a bit of background on this wristband: When I first started LP back in 2002, one of the first items on my site was going to be a plain 1.5" black wristband, but I thought that was too easy. So I added an extra 1/8", in a futile attempt to cause an international uproar in the fashion community.