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double snaps on pyramid stud bracelet
pyramid studded bracelet with double snaps
view of entire studded bracelet
how it looks on your wrist!

Pyramid Stud Bracelet with Double-Snaps

$ 39.90 

You've been asking for it, so here it is, the improved single row pyramid stud bracelet for 2024. Now featuring two sets of snaps for added stability and extra style! This leather bracelet measures 3/4" wide and contains one row of machine set 3/8" pyramid studs. The pyramids are chrome plated brass. The snaps are nickel plated brass. 

The leather is finished in a process I've been doing for over twenty years. This includes edge treatments, dye, and protective coat. The leather is firm but flexible. If leather is too loose or soft, the studs will not align properly and the finished bracelet will look substandard. This is the most professional single row studded bracelet you can own and it will quickly become one of your favorites!