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Rusty Pyramid Studded Leather Belt

$ 149.90 
SKU: BL-rust0121

This leather belt features specially rusted studs to give the appearance of extreme age and wear.  The studs are actually rusted in a chemical process that takes only a few hours, not years.  Once the desired look is achieved, the process is then neutralized and a sealant is applied. This only affects the appearance, not the performance of the hardware.  

The belt measures 1.5" wide, features removable buckle option, and your choice of quality buckle. As always, the quality of leather is second to none heavy bridle strap full grain. The pyramid studs/spots are 3/8" size. Each pyramid stud has a different level of rust cover, some studs display a degree of silvery luster, others are fully rusted.

For anybody who likes to collect studded belts, this is a chance to own something truly unique. One thing to remember, for studs to look like this, they must be free of nickel plating, what we refer to as "naked" steel. Most studs/spots are sold already finished, so it's a special arrangement unique only to Leatherpunk.