Studded Leather Armband


$ 29.90 

A precision made armband 3/4 wide with 3/8" pyramid studs.  One of the finest on the market and versatile!  You can wear it like a traditional armband (the upper area of the biceps and triceps), or you can wear it outside of heavy clothing on the lower part of you arm,  like a wristband.

This armband has more adjustment holes and they're closer together than you typically see, this allows for a fine tuned fit as well as a wider sizing range. 

Featuring a high quality brass buckle with nickel plating, chrome plated brass pyramid studs, 3/8" size set on a 3/4" full grain leather strap.  Leather strap keeper.

Sizing is simple: small, medium, or large. Average build men are going to fit into a medium.