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tapered buckling wristband
a view on the wrist
die-cut and tapered black leather wristband
tapered from different angle
machine cut strap

Tapered Die-Cut Leather Wristband

$ 29.00 
SKU: dct-0001

This tapered wristband design is something you rarely see, and is a first at Leatherpunk! The taper effect, going from two inches down to one inch, creates a wristband that is extremely comfortable to wear and provides a surprising amount of wrist mobility you typically don't experience at these widths.

Most wristbands with buckles usually have extra straps, rivets and cuts added as separate pieces. This creates extra bulk, but the tapered 2" wristband eliminates all this excess material by incorporating it as one continuous piece of leather. Accomplished with the use of a special custom made die, the transition from 2" to 1"  is both uniform and elegant.

Details: Wristband measures two inches wide, made from full grain natural leather that has been hand dyed black. The buckle and strap are 1" wide. The buckle is made from nickle plated solid brass, held into place with a single rivet of the same composition.