The Hunter S. Or the Johnny Depp? What's the Difference?

A bit of history about the Hunter S. Thompson wristband, as it relates to Leatherpunk:  I'm obviously not the original creator of this cuff, Hunter was photographed wearing it from the 1970s and into the 90s.

When I first started doing leather work in 2002, this wristband was custom requested numerous times in my first few months of opening Leatherpunk, (even though I didn't sell it or have photos of it on my website).  As it's popularity became apparent, the wristband was added as a standard product at Leatherpunk in 2003.

Now here's where things get confusing, and even I have recently had to backtrack on my claims.  In the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the version worn by Johnny Depp fastens with buckles, or rather, one buckle.  The version worn by Hunter S. Thompson uses snaps to close.  Both have the same stud pattern. 

But all commonly available photographs of Hunter wearing the cuff were published in black and white, so we aren't officially sure if it was brown or black leather. (Personally, I think it was black leather, simply because pre-dyed black leather would've been more readily available at that time)

I offer both styles, (plus an off-stage Depp version, not related to Hunter)and your choice of black or brown leather. 


So, to clarify, this is the actual Hunter S. version, this is the Johnny Depp version in his portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson.  Both are the same width (2") and the only difference between the two are the fasteners.

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