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Hunter Thompson Buckling Brown Wristband
oblong/dome spot wristband
Buckle on leather cuff

Hunter S. Thompson Studded Wristband (Johnny Depp Version)

$ 44.90 

As seen worn by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. This wristband was included in the movie because Hunter S. Thompson was photographed on numerous occasions wearing a wristband with this stud pattern. 

This version is 2" wide with hand dyed leather and superb quality materials such as chrome studs and a solid brass buckle ensures years of use. The buckle is fitted for a 3/4" strap. The oblong studs are 5/8" long and the domes are 3/8" diameter.

The actual Hunter S. Thompson version uses snaps, not a buckle, and is also offered on LP.

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