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Card Wallet Envelopes in black or brown leather
easy to use full grain wallets
black wallet next to ruler

LP's Single-Ply Leather Card Wallet Envelope

SKU: ot-001-bl0br

Introducing Leatherpunk's very own card wallet/envelope. This is one of most unique types of small leather wallets you can find. Designed to hold cash, debit/credit cards, business cards, or anything else you can fit into them. Made from a single piece of full grain leather, not multiple pieces sewn together. The inside of the wallet has been kept 100% natural.

Some small wallets expand with use, forcing you to maintain the same amount of stuff inside the wallet or else the important stuff falls out. Not these. The horizontal leather flaps solve this problem by allowing the wallet to expand or contract as needed, and a single snap secures the wallet closed, giving it that envelope look. The full grain leather looks stunning with your choice of hand dyed vibrant black or dark brown. High quality full grain leather such as this is seldom used in the wallet industry, even in the hand made market. Makes a great gift for guys or gals.

Product Story: Initially, I just made one of these for myself, cut it by hand, and I didn't even bother to dye the leather. After a while I noticed cashiers at stores would make comments about it, "oh that's cool" "wow I've never seen one of these" and my favorite, "where did you get that?"

It made me think: Who sees more wallets on a daily basis than cashiers? Nobody. I went to work on this design for about a year, until finally creating a die which cuts the shape needed. This means each wallet is a precision made piece without the human flaws that typically arise when cutting complex shapes by hand. If you're someone who has been hesitant to get a full size wallet but still wants to keep things bundled safely together, this design has been fully tested by Yours Truly and I can promise you that it will live up to your expectations and last a very long time.