Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Leatherpunk will gladly ship to almost any country. If you do not see your country on the drop-down list during check out, please email me for special considerations. All foreign shipping and billing addresses must match or payment will be canceled.

Duties and taxes are pre paid! For my valued Canadian clients, there are a few things to keep in mind when expecting a LP package from the US. The most important thing is the tracking number. When I print your shipping label, it is addressed to the customs sort facility in the Chicago area, not to you directly. This causes the tracking number to show that it's been 'delivered'. As a result, you may also receive an automated email from my store confirming that it's been delivered. Please do not be alarmed, this just means it's reached the US customs sort facility and has been cleared for entry to Canada. Your package will still need to transit through Canadian Post to reach you.  A second label is printed and attached to your package at that facility with your name and address. The typical transit time from me to you is about 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer. 

Leatherpunk does not currently collect VAT taxes for European customers. When you check out, the order shows how much VAT will be, but you do not pay that to Leatherpunk. It is your responsibility understand how this will affect receipt of your purchase. Leatherpunk will not reship for free packages that are returned due to unpaid VAT.

Also, you will not be refunded, if your package is returned, lost, undelivered.

For customers in the US, Leatherpunk will ship your purchase via 1st Class USPS or Priority mail. 

Customers in Canada will be shipped via 1st Class mail with duties and taxes pre paid, so you will not owe additional money to receive your purchase. 

For customers In Europe, Australia and other locations, I have reverted back to sending packages through the regular postal system.  During the lockdowns, I was getting packages returned or they were taking months to arrive, so I went with FedEx, but service levels have gone back to normal, so this will certainly save my valued international customers significant money. 

 As per Terms and Conditions, If delivery confirmation shows your package was delivered, no further actions will be taken. Leatherpunk is not responsible for packages that are stolen from your doorstep or mailbox, or delivered to the wrong location by the courier. If your package is still in transit, no actions will be taken until there is a tracking update. It is my ultimate goal that you receive what you paid for. I also have a duty to operate my business as efficiently as possible since leather is a highly expensive commodity to work with.

 ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES. As per terms and conditions of your purchase, Leatherpunk does not offer refunds. Exchanges are possible when you were sent a size or item that is different than what displays on your order, i.e., you ordered a black wristband but received a brown wristband, or you ordered a large and got a small. You cannot exchange items simply because they do not fit. All belt purchases are final and cannot be exchanged for a different size. It is important to read and understand the sizing charts available on Leatherpunk to make an informed decision. If you're not sure, I'm more than happy to consult with you before your purchase to make certain you receive the correct size for your needs. All Sales Final.

Keep in mind the reason for the strict policy is because of the time and materials it takes to make professional leather products. I cannot afford to remake your order twice and, historically speaking, most returns are not resold. 

No more purchase minimums, however extremely small orders of less than $20 may be canceled.

Getting your order finished and shipped to you is a top priority at Leatherpunk! Each order is custom made fresh just for you, so that means all the work happens after you place your order. Most orders are shipped within 2-3 days, but it can take up to a week, depending on seasonal demand. If you're curious to know the status of your order, the best way to find out is to send an email.
Generally, Leatherpunk products are not intended to be resold on other websites. Custom orders are available in bulk for businesses. Contact Leatherpunk about your specific needs to see if I can help.

Many of the wristbands and bracelets sold on LP use snaps as the primary fastener. It is important to understand a few things about this type of wristband configuration. First, they are not always going to fit with pinpoint accuracy, there may be some wiggle room. For absolute perfect snugness, consider getting a wristband that uses a buckle(s) instead of snaps. But also, make sure you measure accurately, I try to get as close as I can, and knowing your true measurements makes that easier. 

Which it brings us to my second point: If you're a repeat customer from years past, it's almost a certainty that any new wristbands you purchase will not fit exactly the same as your original did/does, even if it's the same exact item. Again, this is not an exact science, hides vary in weight and snaps may be positioned slightly different from your other cuffs. 

Most products have a clickable chart directly above the add to cart button. It is very important to read and understand the various sizing charts for your leather purchase. Leatherpunk prohibits most exchanges, it's critical to take the time so you know for sure. If you're not certain, please email me before you place your order and I'll respond quickly to assist you. The products you'll receive from Leatherpunk are professional grade, with that comes a certain level of responsibility on your part as a valued customer to either: know your size, read and learn my charts, or ask for help. 

Leatherpunk uses only the best full grain leather. The term 'full grain' means the upper most layer of skin, or epidermis, has been kept on the hide, with only the hair being removed. It's considered the highest quality form of leather and in addition to that, LP only uses the best parts of the hide. That means your leather garment will meet the highest standards, every time!

All hype aside, keep in mind full grain leather is a natural material. There are variations from hide to hide. There are markings, creases, indentations, scars that have healed, etc. You should expect to see this on your leather items. Some guys spin this as being awesome and "Your leather is so unique! Embrace the scars!"  I'm not going to go that far, I'm just saying natural leather has markings, love it or hate it. If it's really bad, I don't use it, but I do allow for small imperfections. Superficial scars are always exempt from being discarded. 

Leatherpunk makes each order from raw materials and components. Nothing is pre-made. The process involves a combination of hand working expertise and machine aided precision. When you purchase from Leatherpunk, your item is made just for you by Leatherpunk owner Matt Rezac.
When you first receive your new leather, it will be a bit stiff. This will subside over time, but you shouldn't bend or fold your leather excessively beyond its intended use, or you could damage the grain (the top layer of leather). To clean you leather, dampen a good quality paper towel with warm water and hand rub any debris stuck to the leather, wiping away excess moisture immediately. The dye used is oil based and therefore additional oil treatments are not recommended. For long term storage, keep out of direct sunlight and away from dust, for example a jewelry box. Avoid plastic bags or plastic storage bins.

Although it rarely happens, sometimes a snap fastener can break off. When it does happen, it's usually when the item is brand new and still very stiff. Be gentle with the snaps the first few days. Leatherpunk will replace at no charge snaps that break, or other hardware failures. Screw-back spikes and other screw-on hardware should be checked periodically. Leatherpunk will not replace lost hardware. 

Yes. If you see something on Leatherpunk and you want it made slightly different, or if you have a custom idea that you want made, contact LP today to find out if your request is possible.