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A look back at 2023 and what to expect in 2024

Find out about 2023 end of year shipping and recap of the year as well as what's to come in 2024

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Leatherpunk turns 20, takes a look back at the early years is reaching a 20 year milestone in 2022! Way back in the early days of the internet, in 2002 a (not quite) world changing website was born!

Leatherpunk Turns 20

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Film Debut For Leatherpunk Wristband

A new movie about Hunter Thompson features the main character wearing a Leatherpunk wristband.

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Leathershop News March 2020

What's going on at Leatherpunk you ask?  You guys are keeping me busy in the shop, that's for sure, but I'm still finding time to try new things and develop new products.  For instance:

Black Studs!  These are not painted, they're a steel pyramid with black oxide treatment;  A chemical reaction which changes the color of the metal, so there's nothing to scratch off.  Specially made just for Leatherpunk and found nowhere else. Not a matte black, but close.

Casio 1335 back in stock!  This is a favorite at Leatherpunk and looks fantastic on the 2" watch cuff!  Casio is a great brand and these watches will last for many years.

Skull Belts!  Loving the way these belts look with this skull concho arrangement.  Made from thick quality zinc!


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Paying Homage To The Triple Weave Wristband

The Triple Weave Leather Wristband is one of the original and oldest cuff designs still being made here at the LP shop.  In its 15 year history, the Triple Weave has evolved more than any other cuff offered at Leatherpunk.  Many of the changes are due to the techniques used in making this piece, and some changes are because of customer feedback. 

 Triple Weave Leather Wristband

To increase comfort and make it easier to wear, there will now only be one row of snaps.  So instead of one row of caps, two rows of studs (the bottom part of the snap), it's one and one.  That means you won't be able to adjust the fitting, but it will provide a more comfortable feel, less stiff. 

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New Ratings App For Leatherpunk

Not seeing many reviews?  Here's why.

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Freddie Mercury Studded Leather Belt - inside the shop

Read about the new Freddie Mercury Studded Leather belt.

Freddie Mercury

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New Chrome Plated Pyramid Studs!

Great news!!!! Starting January 1st, 2019, Leatherpunk will now have chrome plated brass pyramid studs back in supply for your studded leather belts and studded wristbands.

What's so special about chrome plated studs?

Simply put, the color and durability makes them absolutely beautiful.  When compared to nickel, chrome has a much more silvery color and a brighter luster, which looks great set against leather.  It's also harder than nickel.

Nickel vs Chrome Plating

As you can see in the above photo, a pile of nickel studs on the left, chrome on the right, and in the middle on a strip of leather, two rows of studs rest, one nickel, one chrome. The difference in color is noticeable and remarkable.

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Newest Brown Leather Wristwear

Check out the newest wrist accessories from Leatherpunk! The 2" brown watch cuff and the classic super weave are just a few of the wristbands specially hand dyed in a rich dark brown color on long lasting full grain leather!

Brown Leather Wristwear

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The Plain Black Leather Belt (Yes, with removable buckle)

At Leatherpunk, I make a lot of leather belts, real leather belts with studs, but for all that, it starts with a perfectly plain black leather belt. It's easy to overlook the simplistic elegance a very well crafted belt can accent your appearance.  Not to mention they really do a bang-up job of keeping your pants up. 

black belt plain leather

If you're reading this, chances are you've had your fair share of department store belts. You know the type: They look great at first, contour immediately to your form, inexpensive, and definitely not leather.  Within months, (even weeks) the hole where your buckle fits starts to widen, then separates altogether revealing the sad truth that you purchased synthetic, bonded textile.

The type of leather used is a special cut of domestic bridle strapping that is both supple and durable.  Being made from a single ply (layer), your plain black Leatherpunk belt will never split apart and will last a very long time. Get yours here today!

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