Custom Leather Wristbands and Accessories

Custom Leather Accessories at Leatherpunk

Leatherpunk specializes in making custom leather wristbands, belts, and watchbands just for you, since 2002.  It's easy to request modifications to existing LP products such as colors, stud arrangements, and fasteners(buckles, spikes, etc.).

If there’s a special leather item that you just can’t find, than let Leatherpunk make it for you!   With a full service leather shop working at your service, almost anything can be made.  The LP shop is fully equipped with all the tools, gadgets and gear, (not to mention a range of full grain high quality leather).


custom brown belt

Custom Rivet Cuff

Pair of red bracelets

Super wide custom watch cuff


The limit is your imagination and it’s easy.  Contact Leatherpunk with a detailed description of what you want made and I’ll promptly reply with any additional questions and a free price quote.

Custom Lettering- Say what you want!  Have it stamped into the leather, someone’s name, a phrase, a date.

XL Sizes - A little large in the waist, neck or wrist?  No problem, Leatherpunk can accommodate almost any size.

Specialty Leather Items - Maybe you need some type of wrist protector, or have an altogether  unique situation where leather is called for. 

Leather Repair/Restoration - Even if you didn't get it at Leatherpunk, we may still be able to fix a broken strap, belt, watchband or any odd end item needing leather or hardware. Will modify leather items for you.


If you're interested in working with leather, you may want to read my short guide to The 5 Essential Tools For Working With Leather