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two row eyelet leather belt
eyelet leather belt with double tongue buckle

Classic Two-Row Eyelet Belt

SKU: B1L-eyelet01

If you're looking for a quality eyelet leather belt, here it is at last! This sleek 1.5" wide belt features a classic two-row eyelet configuration which was made popular as far back as the late 1980's and has since been admired by both men and women.

You'll also admire the special details and extras that make this belt stylish and long lasting. The eyelets (sometimes falsely called grommets) are made from nickel plated brass, spaced 1" apart. The buckle is double-tongued and nickel plated solid brass. Unlike the inexpensive eyelet belts which only last a few months, Leatherpunk belts are made from high quality full grain natural black leather. Because of that, you can expect years of comfortable and reliable use out of your new LP belt. These belts won't split apart.

  • Leather belt is 1.5" wide (3.8 cm)
  • Buckle made from solid brass, double-tongue with roller
  • Professionally sealed and smoothed edge work
  • LP's original staple-free miter joint style strap keeper (on all LP belts)
  • Removable buckle fitting