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The new Freddie Mercury Studded Leather Belt is now available only at Leatherpunk!

The musical influence of Freddie Mercury and of Queen still resonates strong today.  Interest in Freddie Mercury is further reinvigorated by the recent film, Bohemian Rhapsody. Sometimes famous people wear unique garments and accessories that, over time, define the individual, as we see with Freddie's armband and belt
Freddie Mercury
It's very exciting at Leatherpunk to make some of these celebrity items, when they happen to be made of leather.  Owning and wearing a familiar garment worn by someone we admire, be it a belt or wristband or anything else, can connect us to that person.

Looking at photos of Freddie on stage, I can tell this belt was custom made just for him.  If it were made from cheap star studs, the stars have just one center post in the middle, which allows it to rotate.  In the above photo, each star is perfectly aligned.  Also, when viewed very close up, I can see indentations where the prongs on the star studs are holding onto the leather.  These hold very well, but are very hard to put on by hand and take several minutes just to set one star.  There are no machines that can do this.

The leather used on my version is a specially made leather that's actually been part of a two year project (more on that later), and is designed to feel like it's already broken in, but still looks like a brand new leather.  It's also a bit lighter weight (thinner) than my normal men's leather. 

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