A look back at 2023 and what to expect in 2024

***All orders that will be received before New Years have been shipped. If you have a pending order and it hasn't shipped yet, it will probably not make it in time for New Years. Thanks***

Yikes, I realized I haven't made a single blog post this entire year! Let's change that right now. The 2023 Holiday season has been a very busy one for me, exhausting you could say. I'm very thankful for my customers and loyal followers who have stayed with me over the years. 

leather hardware setting tools
Setting tools

 One of the biggest challenges I faced this year was a problem that was very difficult to identify. I've been at this business so long that some of my tools have worn out. Most of these tools are used for the metal hardware such as pyramids studs, rivets, and snaps. It's a problem that sneaks up on you. Once I realized this issue, it didn't take me long to replace many of the tools I use daily. 

For 2024 the plan is to maintain high quality leather products that you can rely upon. This includes some new machinery to help me become more efficient so I can keep the prices reasonable and leather gear consistent. I also plan to release new leather chokers and continue to produce some of the best studded belts possible. Thank you for a great 2023 and have a happy 2024!

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