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Leatherpunk makes wine now?

What if Leatherpunk was a brand of wine?  Would you drink it?  Ok, maybe LP isn't into the fermentation business quite yet, but the decal you see on the bottle is a 2" indoor/outdoor freebie you'll receive with every order.  Great for cars, laptops/tablets, guitars, or anywhere else you care to show your allegiance.

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Free Studded Leather Bracelet

    How to get your free studded bracelet...

    Buy anything on Leatherpunk AND like us on and you'll automatically receive a single row pyramid studded leather bracelet with your order.  (and a 2" LP decal)

    Please note...

    The free bracelet will be the same sizing as the other item(s) you order.  If you order a belt or choker(non wrist wear), please include your wrist measurements in the comment section. 

    This offer is no longer available.

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    Introducing The Merle Dixon Style Wristband

    Paying homage to American actor Michael Rooker, who played backwoods redneck Merle Dixon, Leatherpunk now offers a wide wrist cuff with cross and rivets. This cuff isn't an exact replica and I am in no way affiliated with Michael Rooker.  That being said, you'll find this men's cuff to be a much more refined version. 

    The Leatherpunk version is three inches wide(slightly narrower than Rooker's) and more attention given to detail. 

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    New Eyelet Leather Cuffs

    Check out the newest leather wristbands available at Leatherpunk.  Featuring eyelets, some arranged with studs.  Eyelets are back!

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    Leatherpunk Tours Sturgis And Deadwood Ahead Of Rally

    I had the pleasure of strolling the streets of Deadwood and Sturgis, South Dakota a few weeks before the world's largest motorcycle rally.  I saw lots of nice leather items, leather belts, hats, wristbands, gun holsters, pelts, mostly US made.  Beware of the 'made in china' souvenirs that still find their way into this otherwise All American market.  This year is the 75th Anniversary of the Rally and promises to be an off-the-chain riot.  If you've never Taken The Ride, add it to your bucket list, you won't regret it. 

    This photo was taken in Deadwood, SD late at night, July 11th 2015.   In a few weeks this area will be packed to the rafters full of people, motorcycles and lots of leather.

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    Why American Leather?

    If you've read some of the product descriptions on Leatherpunk, you no doubt have seen mention of the fact that the leather I use is All American leather.  Perhaps two questions come to your mind: What exactly is all American leather, and why should I care?

    It's more than just a matter of pride, to be sure.  All American, by my definition, means that the animal (cow) was raised in the US and that the tannery that processed the hide into usable leather, was also based in the US.  More and more rawhide is being imported from places like Argentina or Brazil. So, while the tannery may be on US soil, the material they are working with has been purchased in overseas markets. 

    Why should it matter?  Simply put, American cattle live in better conditions, live longer, and tend to be larger than the world average.  This means you have a higher percentage of very good quality leather to work with, less deep gouges, and can create longer lasting leather products.

    In the end, it's not just a preference, its a matter of necessity.


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    New Website

    Welcome to Leatherpunk dear friends! 

    As of right now, I'm pleased to announce that I have launched a brand new web design for a better shopping experience.  All the photos have been updated to reflect the current high quality of leather being offered.  Leatherpunk has been in business since 2002.

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