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Hickman Gets Studded Leather Cuff From Leatherpunk

Johnny Hickman wearing Leatherpunk wristband

Johnny Hickman(above) received a studded leather wristband (shown below) at a recent performance.  The wristband looked really flashy under the stage lights. Compliments of Leatherpunk!

Hexagon/Eyelet Leather Wristband

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New Belt with Larger Studs

See the finishing touches being added on the new 3 row pyramid studded belt with Jumbo 1/2" pyramids! 


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The Triple X wristband is an original Leatherpunk design that was offered from 2004-2012.  Now back, after a several year hiatus.  For a limited time, get a discount on this fun to wear cuff.  Check out the Leatherpunk Facebook page to get a coupon code!

XXX Wristband

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How to make your cuffs look vintage

This recent photo was sent to Leatherpunk by a customer named Pete that purchased these cuffs 10 years ago.  As you can see, they've held up really well and have a natural patina that only time can create.

Pete told me that the real secret to getting this look is to take care of the leather by cleaning it properly a few times per year.  I really love seeing pictures like this! 

Leatherpunk Cuffs After !0 Years of Wear

The products shown here are the Johnny depp oblong studded cuff, the double weave, and the triple weave.

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World's Strongest Belt, Proven!

See the video!

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Special Sale On Leatherpunk's Newest Item

These swivel spring clip key rings are a great way to keep your keys safe and secure.  This Memorial weekend Leatherpunk is offering them to you at half price!  Take advantage of this high quality offer while it's here! 

Leather Key Ring

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Now With Softer Leather!

I'm very excited to announce LP is using an entirely different type of leather for wristbands, bracelets, watchbands and chokers.  This is pretty big news for Leatherpunk!  The new leather is totally custom made just for Leatherpunk by a really great bunch of folks who have worked hard to understand my products.  The new leather is much softer than LP original leather, but still retains many of the visually appealing properties that have dominated LP products for years.  It even smells good.

New Softer Leather!!!

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Studded Armbands!

New studded Armbands from Leatherpunk! Fully adjustable for a perfect fit!  Freddie Mercury style! Great for costumes!

Studded Leather Armbands

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Double Weave Wristbands Are Back

After an almost two year hiatus, the double weave wristbands are back!  The truth is, they simply got lost in the shuffle when the website was rebuilt.  This classic look is refined with many details such as tapered straps, finished edges, and hand dyed leather goodness.  The addition of optional rivets is new and gives a contrasting look. See these and others in the weave section.

Weave Wristband

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Happy Halloween from Leatherpunk

Happy Halloween, Earthlings! Muahaha!

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