The Plain Black Leather Belt (Yes, with removable buckle)

At Leatherpunk, I make a lot of leather belts, real leather belts with studs, but for all that, it starts with a perfectly plain black leather belt. It's easy to overlook the simplistic elegance a very well crafted belt can accent your appearance.  Not to mention they really do a bang-up job of keeping your pants up. 

black belt plain leather

If you're reading this, chances are you've had your fair share of department store belts. You know the type: They look great at first, contour immediately to your form, inexpensive, and definitely not leather.  Within months, (even weeks) the hole where your buckle fits starts to widen, then separates altogether revealing the sad truth that you purchased synthetic, bonded textile.

The type of leather used is a special cut of domestic bridle strapping that is both supple and durable.  Being made from a single ply (layer), your plain black Leatherpunk belt will never split apart and will last a very long time. Get yours here today!

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