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Havana brown plain leather belt
full view of Havana brown leather
buckle options

Havana Brown Plain Leather Belt with Removable Buckle

$ 79.00 
SKU: B1L-hvna-brn-1

The dark brown color of this plain leather belt is known as Havana brown. It could also be considered mahogany brown.  Whatever you call it, you'll love the deep, rich color, the strong aroma of leather, and Leatherpunk's signature craftsmanship.

This belt measures 1.5" wide and features segmented snap fittings for easy buckle removal. That means you can take the buckle off with a simple flick of the wrist. Choose from four quality buckles of various styles and finishes.

Your belt size should be the same as your US men's pants size. Check the sizing chart here.