F.A.Q. About Leatherpunk Products And Ordering From Leatherpunk

Do you ship internationally? What about VAT?

Yes! Leatherpunk will gladly ship to any country, however I will only accept credit card payments from select countries.  If you do not see your country on the drop down list(during check-out), please email me for special considerations. Customers in all other countries will need to mail a money order in US currency.  All foreign shipping addresses must also match the billing address, or payment will be canceled. No reshipping for lost or stolen packages, no exceptions. Leatherpunk does not provide support of any kind for mishandled or lost international packages.

Leatherpunk does not currently collect VAT taxes for European customers. When you check out, the order shows how much VAT will be, but you do not pay that to Leatherpunk. It is your responsibility understand how this will affect receipt of your purchase. Leatherpunk will not reship for free packages that are returned due to unpaid VAT. Also, you will not be refunded, if your package is returned, lost, undelivered. Until Leatherpunk does collect VAT, or until things with the international shipping environment stabilizes, ultimately it is recommended that you fully understand the risks before your engage a purchase with Leatherpunk.

How are packages shipped/How much does shipping cost?

All packages are shipped 1st Class USPS. For Australian orders, USPS has temporarily suspended (as of Sep 3, 2021)First Class shipments, but does allow Priority International. As a result, rates to Australia are much higher. Domestic and International shipping rates vary based on seasonal demand. FedEx is an option, if you specially request it via email.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Orders are currently taking about one week to work before they're finished and shipped.Remember, each order is hand made fresh just for you! The current shipping environment can be dubious in the US. Expect potentially longer than normal transit times. Some non US countries are experiencing extreme backlogs of package processing and are taking several months. As a reminder, Leatherpunk does not take responsibility for packages once shipped.


What happens if my item(s) don't fit correctly?

It is my ultimate goal that your purchase fit you correctly, if you follow my recommendations, it will. For anything that ISN'T a belt, contact me immediately so it can be resolved. With belts, I provide exact dimensions on this chart so you can know how long the belt is, and where the holes are. You cannot exchange belts. As a general rule, your belt size should be the same number as your US men's pants size. If you're not sure, contact me before you place your order, it's worth it for something that will easily last you 25 years. Many first time customers can also expect an email to confirm sizing and if I make a mistake I will certainly correct it.


Where do you get the wristbands and other accessories that you sell?

All items are custom made fresh by Leatherpunk when you place your order. The materials used are all manufactured in the US. This includes the hardware such as buckles, studs, etc. as well as the leather.

What type of leather do you use?

Leatherpunk uses a high quality, straight from the tannery, full grain cowhide leather that has been raised and processed in the US. The term 'full grain' refers to any hide that still has its upper most layer of skin (epidermis). Full grain leather is more desirable because of the natural patina that develops over time and its overall durability. You may have heard of top grain leather before. Items made from top grain leather are of lesser quality than full grain leather because the top layer is an artificial treatment applied to the flesh of a hide.

Do you have white leather?

Sadly, no.  White heavy full grain cowhide leather does not exist anywhere. Some tanneries manufactured it years ago, but no longer. White leather is still made in lighter weights (for shoes and upholstery), but is unsuitable for belts and wristbands. White dye for leather exists, but it will not provide a vibrant white color, it's more of a 'vintage' look.

What happens if I don't receive my order?

As per Terms and Conditions, If delivery confirmation shows your package was delivered, no further actions will be taken. Leatherpunk is not responsible for packages that are stolen from your doorstep or mailbox, or delivered to the wrong location by the courier.

How would you describe the leather?

For any non-belt item(wristbands, watchbands, chokers) the leather is not dyed when I receive it.  It's basically natural leather in the minimalist sense. It won't smell like when you walk into a leather store with coats and hats, because none of the chemicals used to create that odor are present in my leather. Since your item is freshly made, it will smell slightly of oil dye, which will fade after a couple weeks.  The leather is probably stiffer than you're used to, but it will soften and take shape after a week or two of wear.

As mentioned previously, the leather used in all LP products is full grain. Only the hair from the cow has been removed, leaving the entire upper layer of the hide completely unaltered. This natural state makes visible unique markings, such as wrinkles or scars that have healed. The majority of these markings have no effect on the performance of the finished item as they are all superficial. Any portions of leather that have markings going beyond topical in nature are discarded and not used in production.

What should I do if a snap breaks off my Leatherpunk wristband/choker/belt, or is not functioning correctly?

A snap can occasionally break for various reasons.  If your LP item should ever lose/break a snap, it will be replaced free of charge for the life of the item.  Email LP for return instructions. For the record, this happens almost never.

Can I have items modified or custom made?

Yes. If you have a custom idea or see something on this site that you want slightly modified, contact Leatherpunk today. You can read more about custom work here.

Is there anything else I should know before I purchase from LP?

Please review the terms and conditions that apply to all Leatherpunk purchases. Due to the hand made nature of LP products, all purchases are final and cannot be refunded. Please read the Privacy Policy.