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conical studded leather belt
three row cone stud belt with buckle
up close visual of conical belt laid flat

Classic Conical Studded Leather Belt - Three Row

SKU: b-stc103

Leatherpunk's newest belt for 2023! Enjoy these high profile conical studs configured in three rows, set on a 1.5" (wide) black leather belt.  You'll enjoy how thick and chunky this belt looks and feels, a real show stopper! 


The cone studs measure 7/16" at the base, made from nickel plated brass. 
Belt width: 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Heavy single-ply black full grain bridle leather
LP's sewn strap keeper included 
Removeable buckle via segmented snaps

Many belt makers try to produce these studded belts, but often struggle to maintain precise alignment due to the unique conical shape, resulting in a sophomoric finished belt. Leatherpunk is able to overcome that issue and provide this belt in an extremely precise configuration without losing stud alignment both horizontally and vertically. The studs are carefully and expertly set by machine to avoid this issue.