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cone spiked bracelet with finger strap and o ring
tree spiked bracelet with finger strap and o ring
tree spiked bracelet on wrist
cone spiked bracelet and o ring, palm view

Spiked Bracelet with Finger Strap and Metal O-ring


The spiked bracelet with finger strap is LP's newest eye catching wrist piece! Despite the slim appearance it has a big look that commands attention and is easy to wear. 

Bracelet measures 3/4" wide, the strap going from the bracelet to the O-ring measures 1/2" wide. Both are made of the same high quality full grain leather. The strap is lighter (thinner) than the main bracelet. This allows for greater comfort on the back on your hand, where the strap will rest. The spikes are screw-back type, which means you can change/replace the spikes AND/OR the finger strap with just a screwdriver. Be sure to check the screws occasionally.  The finger strap is held to the bracelet using one of the spike screws, so you can move it around, or rotate it, if needed. 

The O-ring measures 1" diameter inside, which fits just about everybody on any finger. It is made from solid brass with polished nickel plating, so it won't rust and will stay smooth to the touch.