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Studded Leather Strap Keeper For Belts
Available Stud Finishes
Example of Keeper on Leather Belt

Belt Strap Keeper with Pyramids (all types)

SKU: BL-re01lp2

Level up your new or existing belt with one of LP's high quality pyramid studded strap keepers! These are absolutely the finest keepers on the market due to LP's signature technique. LP strap keepers are secured with heavy upholstery thread, which has been triple-threaded and sealed with an adhesive for a virtually unbreakable bond. The ends have also been cut at an angle which come together like a miter joint for even more stability. Inferior keepers use metal staples to fasten the ends, which become brittle and break.

The strap is made from full grain natural leather and measures 5/8" wide, slightly wider than the standard 1/2" plain keepers that come with every LP belt.  When you own a Leatherpunk belt, you'll see how quick and easy it is to change both the buckle and/or the strap keeper.  Choose from several different finishes, including chrome plated brass, nickel plated steel, black oxide steel, naked brass, and rust steel.

Available for belts that measure 1.5" or 1.75".